1 Day  Trip to Lonavala: Itinerary and more

Planning Your 1-Day Trip to Lonavala

Explore Lonavala’s scenic viewpoints and historical places.

Morning Visit at Tiger's Leap

Tiger's Leap offers lovely views of the Western Ghats and an enchanting echo point.

Explore Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam is known for its beautiful surroundings, offering access to nearby attractions.

Indulge in local delicacies

– Lonavala Chikki – Misal Pav – Pav Bhaji – Vada Pav

Visit Karla Cave

Karla Caves are old caves made by Buddhists over 2,000 years ago with carved special designs and pictures inside the caves.

Explore streets of Lonavala

Take a walk through the streets of Lonavala. The town's uniqueness is reflected in its local markets.

Sunset at Sunset Point

Picture-perfect scenes include clouds, greenery, hills, forests, and the orange sun setting in the west.