Top things to do in Lonavala this Monsoon

Experience Adventure Activities this monsoon

– Camping – Rappelling – Trekking – Ziplining – Nature Trail


Camping in Lonavala is a wonderful experience. The cool breeze and the sound of rain makes it peaceful.


Rappelling in Lonavala during the monsoon is a must-do activity, Offering both, excitement and a refreshing experience amidst the lush, rain-soaked landscapes.


Trek in Lonavala, offers scenic trails, lush landscapes, and stunning adventurers.


Experience the thrill of soaring above lush valleys and stunning landscapes with ziplining adventures in the scenic town of Lonavala.

Nature trail

Explore the serene beauty of Lonavala's nature trails, where lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes await every step.

Experience the Beauty of Lonavala's Waterfall

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Lonavala's cascading waterfalls, a hidden gem in the heart of nature.

Kune Falls

Discover the hidden beauty of Kune Falls in Lonavala, where a cascading triple waterfall creates a breathtaking natural spectacle amidst lush greenery.

Reverse Waterfall

Experience the breathtaking phenomenon of the Reverse Waterfall in Lonavala, where water mysteriously defies gravity and flows upward.

Exploring Local Cuisine

Delve into Lonavala's vibrant local market, savoring its diverse cuisine amidst monsoon mists and lively vendors.