Lonavala Tourist and Travel Guide for Adventure Seekers

Adventure activities in Lonavala 

– Rock climbing and Rappelling – Paragliding – Zip-Lining – Waterfall Rappelling 

Rock Climbing & Rappelling

Conquer new heights through rock climbing and rappelling in Lonavala's rugged terrains.


Soar like a bird with paragliding in Lonavala's skies.

Zip- Lining 

Experience the adrenaline rush of zip-lining through Lonavala's scenic landscapes.

Waterfall Rappelling 

Combine adventure and nature with thrilling waterfall rappelling in Lonavala.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Soar above Lonavala's scenic beauty with a hot air balloon ride.

Rappelling Down Waterfalls 

Thrill-seekers find adventure and adrenaline by rappelling down a cascading waterfalls.

Off Roading Adventures 

off-roading adventures to ignite the spirit of exploration.

Stay in Lonavala

Experience a perfect getaway at Govinda Resort in Lonavala with luxurious rooms, a pure veg restaurant, and thrilling activities like go-karting.