Lonavala Tourist and Travel Guide for Family and Friends

Create memories for a lifetime 

Explore the lush landscapes and serene lakes of Lonavala for unforgettable memories.

 Scenic Splendor at Lonavala Forts 

– Rajmachi Fort – Lohagad Fort – Tikona Fort  – Visapur Fort  – Tung Fort 

Cascading Beauty of Lonavala's Enchanting Waterfalls

– Kune Fall – Bhushi Dam Waterfall – Tiger point Waterfall – Lonavala Waterfall – Duke's Nose Waterfall 

Lonavala's Lakes of Serenity 

– Pawna Lake – Tungarli Lake  – Shirota Lake  – Valvan Lake  – Bhushi Lake 

Lonavala's Scenic Points of Serendipity

– Tiger Point – Lion's Point – Shooting Point – Rajmachi Point – Duke's Nose 

Thrillseeker's Paradise for Adventures in Lonavala 

– Trekking and Hiking – Paragliding in the skies  – Rock climbing  – Water Sport

Relax and Rejoice for Leisure in Lonavala 

– Picnic by the Lakes – Yoga and Meditation  – Stroll through Lonavala Gardens  – Art and Culture Exploration 

Lonavala  Weather and Climate

Plan your Lonavala getaway with precision, considering its diverse weather and climate.Best time to visit Lonavala is during the winters and rainy seasons.

Lonavala Accommodation  (Govinda Resort)

– Adventure Activities – Dining Delights  – Swimming and Private Jacuzzi – Family-friendly – Comfortable Accommodation – Breathtaking View – Relaxation and Entertainment 

Lonavala Travel TIPS

– Visit during monsoon for lush greenery. – Explore popular, hidden gems. – Try local snacks (chikki). – Enjoy lakes and adventure activities. – Book scenic accommodations with views. – Visit on less crowded days.