Top 10 couple places to visit during monsoon in Lonavala

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

Valvan Dam 

Valvan Dam in Lonavala provides couples with a romantic monsoon escape amidst serene waters and lush surroundings 

Shingroba Temple  

Shingroba Temple in Lonavala is a serene and picturesque destination for couples to seek blessings amidst the monsoon's lush tranquility. 

Visit Kune Falls  

Those who want to experience the romance rain with its soothing winds must visit Kune Falls during monsoon.  

Trekking at Lohagad Fort  

Romantic monsoon adventure for couples, offering history and breathtaking scenery. 

Trek to Duke’s Nose  

Monsoon offers couples a thrilling experience with panoramic views amidst lush, rain-soaked surroundings 

Visit Bhaja Caves  

Offer couples a romantic exploration of ancient history amidst the refreshing, rain-kissed landscapes of the monsoon. 

Try Local Delicacies in Lonavala market  

Couples during the monsoon season can enjoy local delicacies like grilled corn, spicy misal pav, and hot pakoras, adding a dash of flavor to their romantic escape 

Tung Fort 

Tung Fort in Lonavala offers a romantic monsoon trek with breathtaking vistas for couples. 

Visit Lion’s point for watching sunset 

Enjoy a romantic sunset at the highest point in Lonavala. 

When the lake is filled with water, it looks absolutely romantic, which then attracts photographers and couples from nearby cities 

Lonavala Lake