Plan to visit top 5 Waterfalls in Lonavala 

List of Waterfalls

– Kune Waterfall – Lonavala Waterfall – Kataldhar Waterfall – Valvan Waterfall  – Bhushi Waterfall 

Kune Waterfall

Captivating with its pristine natural beauty, a cascading masterpiece hidden amidst lush greenery.

Lonavala Waterfall 

Nature's soothing symphony amidst lush greenery.

Kataldhar Waterfall 

A hidden gem in the Western Ghats, captivating with its pristine beauty and tranquil surrounding

Valvan Waterfall 

Nestled in Lonavala's serene landscapes, enchants with its ethereal natural beauty, a tranquil escape for weary souls.

Bhushi Waterfall 

Lonavala's beloved gem, where cascading waters invite visitors to cool off and connect with nature.

Lonavala Waterfall Tourist Attraction

Discover the tourist attractions of Lonavala's cascading waterfalls, a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

Waterfall Rappelling at  Kune Waterfall

Experience adrenaline-pumping waterfall rappelling at Kune Waterfall.

Waterfall Trekking in Valvan Waterfall 

Embark on an enchanting waterfall trek at Valvan Waterfall.

Rock Climbing in Lonavala Waterfall 

Conquer nature's vertical challenges while enjoying the scenic beauty of Lonavala's waterfalls through rock climbing.

Best time to visit Waterfalls in Lonavala 

Monsoon is the best time to witness Lonavala's waterfalls in their unique splendor.