Stunning  Wedding Venue Decorations for a Lonavala Wedding

Outdoor Decor Ideas

– Bollywood Spectacle – Desi Elegance – Garden Glamour

Bollywood Spectacle 

Transform your wedding venue into a Bollywood-inspired spectacle.

Desi Elegance 

Use Desi elegance decore style to make things look beautiful in a traditional Indian style. 

Garden Glamour

Garden glamour makes things look pretty using nature's beauty by using Flowers and twinkling lights in the trees.

Indoor Decor Ideas

– Romantic – Retro Surf – Flower

Romantic settings 

Soft hues, delicate lighting, and plenty of blooms typically make up a romantic wedding decor. 

Retro Surf

Give your wedding a nostalgic vibe with retro-inspired decor. Have retro aesthetics that set elegance and cla


Embrace the warmth of flowers to add a touch of rustic charm.

Must-Have Decor Element

– Personalized Signage – Photo Backdrops  – Creative sitting arrangements 

Wedding Venue Decoration TIPS

– Theme Selection – Lighting – Budget Planning – Weather Consideration