Things to Do in Lonavala during the Summer

Top Places to Visit in Lonavala

– Tiger's Point – Bhushi Dam – Rajmachi Fort – Visapur Fort – Karla Cave

Tiger's Point

A scenic cliff offering stunning views of valleys, and hills, for hiking, especially during the Summer.

Bhushi Dam

Cool off this summer at Bhushi Dam, where cascading waters offer a refreshing escape amidst Lonavala's scenic beauty.

Rajmachi Fort

A Historic Fort nestled in the mountains near Lonavala, offering beautiful scenery and two Majestic Peaks to discover.

Visapur Fort

Experience the thrill of trekking, a historic hill fortress with stunning views and lush green surroundings.

Karla Caves

Tucked in the Sahyadri Hills, featuring Buddhist architecture and the renowned Ekvira Temple.

Activities To Do in Lonavala

– Hot Air Balloon Safari – Waterfall Rappelling – Ziplining Thrill – Paragliding

Local Artisan Treasure

– Hand-made crafts  – Pottery  – Colorful Crafs

Try Local delicacie

– Vada Pav – Chikki – Missal Pav


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