The Ultimate List of Places To Explore In Lonavala 

Popular Viewpoint

– Historic fort – Iconic waterfall

Historic Fort

Uncover Lonavala's past at historic forts like Lohagad and Visapur, echoing ancient tales through captivating architecture.

Iconic Waterfalls

Lonavala's scenic beauty at Kune, Bhushi, and Dudhiware waterfalls, each offering unique natural splendor to behold.

Uncovering Lonavala's Hidden Gem

– Serene lake – Offbeat trail – Quaint village

Serene Lake

Indulge in tranquility at Lonavala's serene lakes, offering a peaceful retreat amidst nature's charm.

Offbeat Trails 

 Lonavala's offbeat charm on trails like Duke's Nose and Kataldhar.

Quaint Villages 

Explore the charm of Lonavala's quaint villages, where rural simplicity meets scenic beauty for an authentic getaway.

Tourist Attractions in Lonavala

– Bushi Dam – Tiger's Leap – Lonavala Lake – Rajmachi fort 

Bhushi Dam

A serene haven with scenic beauty and tranquility.

Tiger's Leap  

 A scenic viewpoint with cliffs resembling a leaping tiger.

Reflect on the tranquility of Lonavala Lake, where calm waters meet lush surroundings, creating a serene oasis.

Lonavala Lake 

Rajmachi Fort

Explore the historic Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala, a testament to ancient tales amidst picturesque mountain landscapes.

Adventure Haven in Lonavala

Adventure Haven awaits with daring escapade

Outdoor Activities

Engage in outdoor bliss in Lonavala a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility.