TIPS for planning a Summer Destination Wedding in Lonavala

Lonavala Destination Wedding Bliss

Experience the epitome of romantic celebrations amidst Lonavala's scenic beauty.


Govinda Resorts- Offering luxurious stay options with scenic surroundings.

Theme ideas for Destination wedding in Lonavala 

– Poolside Paradise – Sunset Magic – Enchanted Garden – Tropical Oasis 

Poolside Paradise

Cool off in summer bliss by the pool at Govinda Resort, where your Poolside Paradise wedding awaits.

Sunset Magic 

Enjoy the beautiful light of summer sunsets, where Sunset Magic creates the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Garden Theme 

Celebrate amidst blooming beauty in lush gardens, where the Enchanted Garden theme transforms your wedding into a fairy tale.

Tropical Oasis  

The Tropical Oasis theme ensures your wedding is an unforgettable island-inspired affair.


Enhance your wedding ambiance with decor that seamlessly integrates the picturesque landscapes of Lonavala.

Summer Wedding Attire Tips

– Breathable Fabrics – Lighter Colors – Sleeveless Styles – Avoid heavy layers.

Cooling Amenities and Refreshment

Enjoy a selection of refreshing beverages and cooling amenities for a relaxing and revitalizing experience.

Evening Event Lighting Consideration

Enhance evening ambiance with strategic lighting for impactful event atmospheres.