Monsoon Travel TIPS while travelling  to Lonavala

Check Weather Forecast 

Always check the weather forecast before your adventure to avoid sudden downpours and ensure a safe trip.

Carry an Umbrella or Raincoat

Stay prepared for Lonavala's unpredictable monsoon weather by carrying an umbrella or raincoat, to ensure you can enjoy your trip without getting drenched.

Carry Essential Footwear 

Pack sturdy, waterproof shoes with good grip for safety and comfort.

Carry Medicines &  First-Aid Kit 

Bring medicines and a first-aid kit for any small accidents or illnesses during your trip. 

Avoid Street Food

Avoid street food during the monsoon. Choose meals from hygienic places.

Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead and packing accordingly By organizing your belongings.

Find an Accommodation 

Stay at Govinda Resorts for stunning vistas of hills in Lonavala during monsoon. 

Travel-Friendly Places During Monsoon 

Rajmachi Fort Tiger Point Bhushi Dam Lion's Point