Tips to plan a summer wedding in Lonavala

Try to avoid the heat

Offer some kind of shade to allow your guests to get away from the sun. Ensure alternative options in case the heat increases.

Offer cool refreshment

Include cold water and cold drinks. Get creative and include ice-cream or popsicles stalls. 

Avoid beginning at noon

For outdoor venues plan functions between 8am-11am and 4pm onwards. You can also opt for a beautiful venue which is indoors.

Rethink wedding wardrobe

Take the weather into account and choose lighter fabric in order to be able to get through everything comfortably.

Plan decor according to a summer palette

Use light and pastel tones to plan the decor of your wedding. 

Choose Breezy Location

Ensure to choose a location which has plenty of open space and is breezy to avoid feeling hot during wedding ceremonies

Food Menu

Keep options like grilled and roasted food, plenty of fresh fruits, juices and salads, etc. Adding Paan is a good option, especially during summers.

Pool Party

Turn your mehendi or haldi into a pool party. Arrange some outdoor games and bring a DJ on board.