Visit these top 10 Lonavala Caves for an Unforgettable Experience

Bhaja Caves 

Explore Bhaja Caves, a testament to historical significance and architectural brilliance.

Karla Caves 

Explore the historic Karla Caves, unraveling unique features and ancient Buddhist connections.

Bedse Caves

Uncover the ancient charm of Bedse Caves, a testament to historical rock-cut craftsmanship.

Tiger's Leap Caves

Explore Tiger's Leap Caves, a natural wonder adding to Lonavala's cave heritage.

Rajmachi Caves

Delve into the historical significance of Rajmachi Caves.

Kondane Caves

Discover the hidden charm of Kondane Caves, a serene retreat in nature.

Visapur Fort 

Explore the mysterious caves within Visapur Fort, revealing historical tales.

Lohagad Fort Caves

Unearth the caves nestled within Lohagad Fort, a journey through history and nature.