Tungarli Lake: A Hidden Gem of Lonavala

Tungarli Lake: A Serene Escape 

Tungarli Lake in Lonavala is a beautiful place in the lap of nature, surrounded by stunning views.

History of Tungarli Lake

Tungarli Lake holds historical and cultural significance, known for its role as a vital water reservoir. Built during the British Colonial Era.

Activities at Tungarli Lake

– Boating – Camping  – Picnic – Photography

Boating at Tungarli Lake

Take a serene boat ride in calm waters, surrounded by scenic beauty.

Picnic with Family and Friend

Gather your loved ones and enjoy a delightful picnic by the lakeside.

Camping under the Stars 

Experience the magic of camping under the twinkling stars.

Explore Photography Skill

Capture its beauty through your lens and unleash your creativity.

How to Reach Tungarli Lake ?

Tungarli Lake is a serene spot nestled 2 kilometers away from Lonavala, You can conveniently reach the lake by car or rickshaw.

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