Unwind and Explore picturesque Lakes in Lonavala

Serene Lakes 

Discover tranquility at Lonavala's Lakes, offering serene landscapes and peaceful retreats.

Pawna Lake 

Lonavala's gem, captivates with its scenic beauty and serene ambiance.

Activities and Experience

Lakeside activities include boating, fishing, nature walks, and serene moments of relaxation.

Tungarli Lake 

Find tranquility at Tungarli Lake, a serene retreat nestled in Lonavala's beauty

Embraced by Lonavala's Lake

Discover serenity amidst the enchanting Lakes that grace the landscape of Lonavala.

Lonavala Lake for a classic retreat

Escape to Lonavala Lake for a classic retreat, surrounded by natural splendor. 

Leisure Activities

Engage in leisure activities lakeside and explore nearby attractions for a fulfilling experience.

Bhushi Dam

Explore Bhushi Dam near Khandala Lake, a must-visit option for scenic beauty.

Valvan Lake

Find tranquility at Valvan Lake, a perfect destination for a serene retreat.

Dining and Refreshment

Enjoy dining and refreshments, at Govinda Pure Veg Restaurant's delights.

Tips for a Tranquil Lakeside 

– Packing essential – Prioritize safety – Explore local delight

Lakes near Lonavala 

Discover Lakes near Lonavala like Tungarli, Valvan, and serene hidden gems.