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The Ultimate Guide on Lonavala Viewpoints

Lonavala is a charming hill station nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains. Boasts some of the most beautiful spots. That has beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes. From Tiger Point to Duke’s Nose. Each location in Lonavala has its unique charm and attractions. Join us on a virtual tour of the top Lonavala viewpoints and discover the wonders awaiting you.

Top Viewpoints in Lonavala

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Explore the following must-visit Tourist places in Lonavala to experience the beauty of Lonavala from different viewpoints. These are the Lonavala points to see

  • Tiger Point
  • Lion’s Point
  • Rajmachi Point
  • Shooting Point
  • Dukes Nose
  • Kune Point
  • Amby Valley View Point

Tiger Point

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Tiger Point, also known as Tiger’s Leap, is one of the popular Lonavala viewpoints known for its stunning panoramic views of the valley below. The viewpoint offers a thrilling experience, with a steep drop of over 650 meters, resembling a tiger leaping into the valley, hence the name. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking scenery, take a leisurely hike, capture stunning photographs, or simply relax and enjoy a picnic with family and friends amidst nature’s beauty. Explore the wonders of Tiger Point with these exciting activities.

Take in the Breathtaking Panoramic Views

Marvel at the amazing sights from the viewpoints in Lonavala at Tiger Point, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The views will make you feel amazed and happy.

Enjoy the Leisurely Hike

Have an adventure by going on a nice walk at Tiger Point. You can explore the green trees and enjoy the calm and peaceful feeling of being in nature.

Capture Stunning Photos of the Landscapes

Remember to bring your camera At Tiger Point, there are so many beautiful scenes to take pictures of. From the green hills to the clear sky, you can capture the beauty of Tiger Point and keep those memories forever.

Indulge in a Picnic with Family and Friends

Pack some tasty snacks and have a picnic with your family and friends at Tiger Point. Enjoy your food while surrounded by nature’s beauty. It’s a perfect place to share laughter and good times with the people you care about.

Lion’s Point

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Lion’s Point is like a hidden gem in the mountains. You can try paragliding, which feels like flying in the air. Take a nice walk to see amazing views all around. And guess what? It’s only 19 kilometers away from Govinda Resort, so you can easily plan a fantastic day with your family. Discover the myriad of things to do at Lion’s Point!

Enjoy Panoramic Views

At Lion’s Point, also known as one of the lovely Lonavala viewpoints, see the big, wide valley and many green trees. Look at the view that makes you feel happy and amazed. It is amongst the ultimate places to explore in Lonavala.

Capture Stunning Photographs of the Sunset

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When the sun goes down at Lion’s Point, a special Lonavala viewpoint, the sky turns golden. Bring your camera to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset. It’s like taking a picture of moments.

Experience the Thrill of Paragliding

For those who love excitement, try paragliding at Lion’s Point, a cool Lonavala viewpoint. Soar high in the sky and feel like a bird.

Go for a Leisurely Hike

Take a walk on the paths around Lion’s Point, which is also a viewpoint in Lonavala. Explore the nature around you and enjoy the beauty of the hills and trees.

Rajmachi Point

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This awesome viewpoint lets you see the ancient Rajmachi Fort. It’s super easy to get to, and there are other cool things nearby to explore too. Explore the mountains and beauty. Immerse yourself in the charm of Rajmachi Point through these engaging experiences.

Explore the Historic Rajmachi Fort

At Rajmachi Point, a Lonavala viewpoint, and discover the ancient Rajmachi Fort while enjoying the awesome views. It’s like stepping into a history book where you can see old buildings and learn about the past.

Trek through the Picturesque Sahyadri Mountains

Go on an adventure by trekking through the pretty Sahyadri Mountains near Rajmachi Point, another Lonavala viewpoint. It’s like going on a walk through nature’s picture book, with green hills and blue skies all around.

Enjoy a Peaceful Meditation Session

Feel calm and peaceful at Rajmachi Point, a special Lonavala viewpoint. You can sit quietly and enjoy the quietness, like doing a peaceful meditation surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Capture the Stunning Bird's Eye Views

See the world from way up high at Rajmachi Point, known as a Lonavala viewpoint. It’s like looking down on everything, almost like a bird flying in the sky.

Shooting Point

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Shooting Point, a wonderful Lonavala viewpoint, is where you can take fantastic photos and enjoy nature. Walk around and explore the beauty. Witness the sunrise or sunset at this special Lonavala viewpoint. Make the most of your visit to Shooting Point with the below.

Capture Breathtaking Photographs

At Shooting Point, known as a Lonavala viewpoint, take your camera and click amazing pictures. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings of Lonavala.

Embark on a Nature Walk

Go on a fun adventure by walking around Shooting Point, another Lonavala viewpoint. Explore the pretty plants and enjoy the calm feeling of being in nature.

Take in the Fresh Mountain Air

At Shooting Point, a Lonavala viewpoint, and breathe in the clean mountain air. It’s like taking a big breath of freshness that makes you feel happy and alive.

Watch the Mesmerising Sunrise or Sunset

See the sky change colors at Shooting Point, a special Lonavala viewpoint. It’s like watching a show in the sky during sunrise or sunset. Don’t miss these breathtaking moments.

Duke's Nose

Duke’s Nose, a thrilling Lonavala viewpoint, is an adventure paradise for climbing and trekking. Explore the rocky cliffs, try trekking through tall hills, and enjoy bird watching in this nature haven. After the excitement, unwind at Duke’s Nose, a special Lonavala viewpoint, surrounded by serene mountains. Experience the essence of Duke’s Nose through these captivating endeavors.

Rock Climbing or Rappelling Down Duke’s Nose

Duke’s Nose, a thrilling Lonavala viewpoint, is like a giant playground for adventure lovers. You can try climbing up the rocks or coming down with a special rope.

Enjoy the Thrilling Trek

For an adventure, trek at Duke’s Nose, another Lonavala viewpoint. It’s like going on a walk through tall hills and discovering the beauty of nature. Wear your adventure shoes during the trek.

Take part in Bird Watching Activity

Duke’s Nose, is known as a Lonavala viewpoint, as it’s like a bird paradise. Watch and learn about different birds flying around.

Relax and Unwind at the Point

After all the excitement, sit down and relax at Duke’s Nose, one of the special Lonavala viewpoints. Enjoy the quietness and calm feeling, like having your secret hideout in the mountains.

Kune Point

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Kune Point is one of the Lonavala viewpoints which is a special spot with a big, beautiful waterfall. You can walk around and explore nature, and it’s like finding a hidden treasure. It is also one of the Lonavala points to see. Enhance your trip to Kune Point by indulging in these suggested activities in Lonavala.

Marvel at the Breathtaking Kune Waterfall

Kune Point, a breathtaking Lonavala viewpoint, is a mesmerizing spot to witness the enchanting waterfall of the Kune Waterfall. It’s like stepping into a nature wonderland where the waterfall dances gracefully, creating an amazing sight.

Enjoy a Refreshing dip in the Kune Waterfall

Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Kune Waterfall at Kune Point, another Lonavala viewpoint.

Embark on a Nature's Walk

Explore the lush greenery and diverse flora enveloping Kune Point, a special Lonavala viewpoint, by going on a peaceful nature walk. Uncover the hidden treasures of vibrant plants and soothing natural sounds – a delightful journey through nature’s embrace.

Take in Panoramic Views of the Sahyadri Mountains

Gaze upon the wide Sahyadri Mountains from Kune Point, It is also recognized as one of the Lonavala viewpoints. It’s like being on a mountaintop, surrounded by panoramic views that showcase the beauty of the natural world through these Lonavala viewpoints.

Amby Valley Viewpoint

Amby Valley Viewpoint in Lonavala is a cool place to visit. You can see a town surrounded by hills. After all the adventures, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Amby Valley. Amongst all other Lonavala viewpoints, it is known for its calm and peaceful views. Create lasting memories at Amby Valley Viewpoint by indulging in the below activities.

Admire the Picturesque Views of Amby Valley Township

At Amby Valley Viewpoint, one of the charming Lonavala viewpoints, enjoy the beautiful sights of the Amby Valley Township. A perfect spot for feeling happy and amazed.

Enjoy a Scenic Drive

Go on a fun adventure by driving to Amby Valley Viewpoint, another viewpoint. It’s like going on a car ride through twisty roads, surrounded by the beauty of nature. So, roll down the windows and see the amazing views of Lonavala viewpoints.

Relax and Unwind amidst the Tranquil Surroundings

After all the excitement, sit down and relax at Amby Valley Viewpoint, one of the special Lonavala viewpoints. Feel the calmness and quietness around you – it’s like having your peaceful hideout in the mountains.

Experience the Thrill of Paragliding

For those who love excitement, try paragliding at Amby Valley Viewpoint, it is one of the cool Lonavala points to see. Soar high in the sky above the beautiful valley. And enjoy the adventure. It is one of those Lonavala viewpoints that adds thrill to your trip.

TIPS for exploring Lonavala Viewpoints

  • Plan visits on weekdays to avoid crowds
  • Carry water and snacks for the trip
  • Wear comfortable footwear for trekking
  • Don’t forget your camera for picturesque views
  • Winter is the perfect weather to explore the Lonavala viewpoints
  • Best time to visit: Early morning or late afternoon
To sum up, Viewpoints of Lonavala, like Tiger Point and Kune Point, have amazing features such as waterfalls and panoramic views. Exploring these Lonavala viewpoints is like going to a lovely place surrounded by nature’s wonders. It’s a journey filled with fun and discovery.


Some of the best scenic viewpoints in Lonavala include:

  • Tiger Point
  • Lion's Point
  • Rajmachi Point
  • Duke's Nose
  • Sunset Point
  • Shooting Point
To access the viewpoints in Lonavala, you can hire a taxi or drive yourself. Alternatively, you can opt for local buses or book a guided tour that includes transportation. Many viewpoints are accessible by road and have parking facilities nearby.
No specific fees or permits are required to visit most viewpoints in Lonavala. However, some viewpoints located within private properties or resorts may have entry fees. It's advisable to inquire locally or check online for any updates regarding entry fees or permits.

Yes, you can visit Lonavala viewpoints during the monsoon season. Here are some safety measures to consider:

  • Wear appropriate footwear with good traction.
  • Carry rain gear and umbrellas.
  • Be cautious of slippery surfaces and stay away from the edges.
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