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Top Things To Do In Lonavala This Monsoon

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station near Mumbai and Pune, during the monsoon season, it becomes even more attractive. The rain makes the hills green, and the waterfalls are full of water. Lonavala is the perfect place for a short trip in the rain. There are many things to do in Lonavala and lots of places to explore in Lonavala during monsoon. A visit to Lonavala during the monsoon feels like stepping into a lush paradise.

A monsoon guide to top things to do in Lonavala

The monsoon in Lonavala is special. The hills are lush and green. The weather is cool and pleasant. This season is great for outdoor activities. You can enjoy adventure sports, visit waterfalls, and explore local markets. There is something for everyone in Lonavala during the monsoon. This guide will help you make the most of your monsoon trip to Lonavala, including things to do in Lonavala.

Experience Adventure Activities

Lonavala offers many adventure activities for thrill-seekers. The monsoon season adds more fun to these activities. Activities in Lonavala you can try camping, rappelling, trekking, and ziplining. Each of these activities gives a unique experience, adventure lovers will find plenty of things to do in Lonavala to keep their adrenaline pumping.
Here are few adventure activities we will cover:

  • Camping
  • Rappelling
  • Trekking
  • Ziplining
  • Nature Trails


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Camping in Lonavala is a wonderful experience. The cool breeze and the sound of rain make it peaceful. You can set up a tent near a lake or in the hills. Enjoy a campfire and cook simple meals. Spend the night under the stars and wake up to a misty morning.


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Rappelling is an exciting activity in Lonavala. Waterfall rappelling is very popular during the monsoon. You descend a rock face with water flowing over it. It is both thrilling and refreshing. Many adventure groups offer safe rappelling experiences. Make sure to wear proper gear and follow the instructions carefully. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and enjoy the power of nature.


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Trekking near Lonavala is a must-do activity. The monsoon makes the trails beautiful and challenging. Here are some popular trekking spots in Lonavala and things to do in Lonavala:

  • Rajmachi Trek: This trek offers stunning views of the Sahyadri mountains. Rajmachi Trek is a moderate trek suitable for beginners and experienced trekkers.
  • Visapur Fort Trek: This trek takes you to an ancient fort, the climb is steep but the view from the top is worth it. The fort looks more beautiful in the rain. It’s a great trek for those who love history and nature.
  • Korigad Fort Trek: This is an easy trek and great for beginners. The fort has a large plateau with a small lake. The view from the top is amazing. The serenity of Korigad during the monsoon is unparalleled.


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Ziplining is another fun activity in Lonavala. You glide from one hill to another on a cable. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of the green valleys. The rush of flying through the air is thrilling, many adventure parks in Lonavala offer ziplining. The monsoon adds a cool breeze to your ziplining adventure.

Nature trails

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Walking on nature trails is a relaxing activity. The monsoon season makes the trails lush and green. You can see many types of plants and birds, walking in the fresh air is good for your health. Nature trails are perfect for a quiet and peaceful experience. The gentle drizzle during a walk can be quite refreshing.

Experience the Beauty of Lonavala's Waterfalls

Lonavala is famous for its waterfalls, especially during the monsoon. The waterfalls are full and look stunning. These are the Lonavala Waterfalls you must visit this monsoon. The sound of the water crashing down is both powerful and soothing, if you’re looking for things to do in Lonavala, visiting these waterfalls should definitely be on your list.

Kune Falls

Kune Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Lonavala. It has three tiers and is very beautiful, the water gushes down from a great height. The area around Kune Falls is green and scenic. It is a great spot for photography and picnics. The mist from the falls adds a magical touch to the surroundings.

Reverse Waterfall

The Reverse Waterfall in Lonavala is a unique sight. The strong wind pushes the water upwards, making it look like the waterfall is flowing in reverse. This natural phenomenon is amazing to watch. The best time to visit is during the monsoon when the wind is strong. The reverse flow of the water is a wonder of nature.

Exploring Local Market & Local Cuisine

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Lonavala’s local market is vibrant and colorful. You can buy fresh produce, local snacks, and handmade items. The market is famous for chikki, a sweet made of nuts and jaggery. You can also taste local cuisine in the small eateries. The food is simple and delicious. Exploring the market is a treat for the senses with its sights and smells.

Lonavala is a great destination during the monsoon. From adventure activities to beautiful waterfalls, there is something for everyone. Exploring the local market and tasting local food, as well as things to do in Lonavala, adds to the experience. Plan a trip to Lonavala this monsoon and enjoy the beauty of nature. The memories you make here will last a lifetime.


Embrace the natural beauty by visiting waterfalls like Kune Falls and Bhushi Dam. Enjoy scenic drives along lush greenery, indulge in hot chai and pakoras at local eateries, and explore historic caves like Karla and Bhaja.
Generally, Lonavala is safe during the rainy season, but be cautious of slippery roads and heed local advisories. Stick to well-traveled paths and avoid venturing into water bodies during heavy rains.
Popular trekking trails include Rajmachi Fort trek for panoramic views, Tikona Fort for its historical significance, and Visapur Fort for adventurous hikes. Each offers unique experiences amidst lush green surroundings.
Don't miss the scenic viewpoints like Tiger Point and Lion's Point, the ancient Karla and Bhaja Caves, the serene Pawna Lake, and the picturesque Rajmachi Fort. These attractions offer a blend of nature, history, and adventure in Lonavala.
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