Checklist and Timeline for Planning your Dream Destination Wedding in Lonavala

6 months prior to the wedding

Fix your Budget

Upto 50 Guests - INR 20 lakhs Upto 100 Guests - INR 20-40 lakhs Upto 200 Guests - INR 60-70lakhs

Choose the Venue

Keep in mind the following while choosing the wedding venue - Time of the Year  - Indoor/Outdoor Venues - Number of Guests - Proximity to place of stay - Transportation options - Parking Space  - Catering - Space for Mandap

Hire a Local Wedding Planner

Local Wedding Vendors can help you from selecting vendors to transportation of guests. They can help you A-Z as they possess all local information.

Book place/s for guest accommodation

A budget-friendly venue including accommodation can save a lot on your pocket. Get all details about accommodation capacity in advance.

Fix on the vendors

Make sure to pick trusted vendors with Lonavala experience for everything from catering to photography.

2-3 months prior to the wedding

Customize Wedding Festivities and Gifts

Add elements of customization to your destination wedding planning. Plan customized gift hampers with the help of a local gifting vendors.

Fix on your wedding outfits

Select your wedding attire and coordinate with your significant other’s attire.

Finalize the venue

A well-curated menu can create a lasting impression on your guests. Ensure that the menu aligns with the theme of the event. 

1 month prior to the wedding

Confirm arrangements with vendors and venue

Confirm the arrangements with your vendors to ensure that everything is in place. Visit the venue to ensure all arrangements are confirmed. 

Room allotment and entertainment

To avoid chaos during the wedding make sure to allot rooms in advance. Plan entertainment like music, dance, and games. 

1 week prior to the wedding

Use courier for luggage service

Carrying luggage for a destination wedding may be expensive. Thus make sure to courier the extra luggage in advance to the destination.

Be prepared for unexpected challenges

At a destination wedding, there could be unforeseen difficulties, thus have a backup plan in case of any last-minute problems.

Pamper Yourself and Enjoy the Experience

Ensure you keep some time for SELF LOVE. Go to the parlor or a casual outing to break the stress. Enjoy the experience, it’s your BIG DAY afterall.