Checklist For Your Dream Destination Wedding In Lonavala.

Checklist for Planning your Dream Destination Wedding in Lonavala

destination wedding

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering couples the opportunity to tie the knot in a beautiful location away from home. One of the top destinations for a wedding in India is Lonavala, a picturesque hill station in Maharashtra. From scenic backdrops to top-notch venues, there are plenty of reasons why Lonavala is an ideal destination for a wedding. 

We are making your destination wedding planning easy by sharing a checklist of what all you need to know while planning your destination wedding

6-12 months before the wedding.

Fix your Budget

Be careful and mindful of the destination wedding budget as it is the primary factor that helps in planning all the aspects and prerequisites of the wedding. A destination wedding in Lonavala with 50 guests can cost you about 9-11 Lakhs INR which includes accommodation charges, transportation, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. Planning a destination wedding in Lonavala mainly depends on the budget which helps you in deciding what to consider and what you can let go. 

Choose Your Venue Carefully

Any wedding’s venue is its foundation, so picking the correct one may make or break your celebration. There are several lovely wedding locations available in Lonavala, including resorts, hotels, and outdoor areas. Think about your vision for your special day, your budget, and the size of your wedding party when selecting your venue. Lonavala is the ideal location for an outdoor wedding because of the verdant gardens and calm surroundings. As an alternative, you could select a classy interior area with cutting-edge conveniences and gorgeous decor.

destination wedding

Hire a Local Wedding Planner

It can be difficult to organise a destination wedding in Lonavala, especially if you are unfamiliar with the locale. A nearby wedding planner can guide you through the details of wedding planning, from selecting providers to organizing transportation. Additionally, they may offer insightful information about regional customs and traditions, helping to make sure that your wedding is genuine and remarkable.

Book a place for Stay and Celebrations

A budget-friendly venue including accommodation can save a lot on your pocket. The venue can be decided on certain parameters and the requirements you have for various functions. For example, If your wedding festivities include a Pool Party then you might want to look for a resort with a pool, if you are looking to have indoor and outdoor events then you might want to look at a venue that offers both. Another advantage of booking the same venue for guest accommodation as your wedding is that it reduces the transportation cost drastically. 

Choose Your Vendors Carefully

Making the correct vendor choices is essential to your wedding’s success. Make sure to pick trusted vendors with Lonavala experience for everything from catering to photography. Additionally, you might look online for reviews or request recommendations from your wedding coordinator. To avoid any last-minute disappointments, be sure to reserve your suppliers far in advance.

2-6 months before the wedding.

Customized Wedding Festivities and Gifts

You can consider adding some elements of customization to your destination wedding planning. You could have personalized decor or customized gifts for your guests at the wedding. Creativity has no boundaries. You could customize the decor, clothing, food, and so on in multiple different styles. Select the customizations and talk to your planners/vendors about it to get a picture perfect destination wedding. 

Select the wedding attire 

Select your wedding attire and coordinate with your significant other’s attire. The bride and groom need to choose their wedding attire carefully to ensure they look their best on their special day.

Finalize the menu 

Finalizing a menu can be an exciting and sometimes challenging task, whether you’re planning a dinner party, a special event, or just a meal for your family and friends. A well-planned menu can create a lasting impression on your guests, and it is important to ensure that the food selection aligns with the theme and the occasion.

1-2 months before the wedding.

Confirm the arrangements

Confirm the arrangements with your vendors and the venue to ensure that everything is in place. As the wedding date approaches, it is crucial to confirm the arrangements with all the vendors, including the venue, caterer, decorator, florist, and photographer. Contact each vendor and double-check the details of the contract, such as the date, time, and location. Confirm that all the services you require are included in the contract and that the vendor has all the necessary information, such as the number of guests, dietary restrictions, and special requests.

Use Courier For Luggage Services

We always pack several dresses for weddings, and paying for additional luggage when traveling can be expensive. But make sure to courier your attire to the location in advance to save on this cost. Given that Lonavala is a major hub for the hospitality industry and that it is well connected to the major cities, courier would be your best bet if you were organizing a destination wedding there. You will undoubtedly pay less for the courier services than you would for additional luggage on an airplane.

Schedule a visit to the venue

Make sure to schedule the visit at least a few weeks before the wedding to give you enough time to make any necessary changes. If possible, try to visit the venue during the same time of day as your wedding to get a sense of the lighting and ambiance.

Prior Room Allotments and plan the  entertainment

To avoid confusion and chaos during the functions or when all the guests start coming in, make sure to allot the rooms on Day 1 or in advance and also Plan the entertainment for the wedding, such as music, dance, and games. During the initial days of the destination wedding, it is difficult to attend to all the guests, so divide responsibilities amongst your close ones. 

Plan for the Weather

Even though Lonavala is known for its lovely weather, it’s still a good idea to prepare for it, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Planning an outdoor wedding during the monsoon season (June to September) is difficult due to the severe rains that occurs. In Lonavala, the months of October through May are the driest and sunniest for weddings.

1 week before the wedding.

Take Advantage of the Natural Beauty

It’s a great idea to use the beauty of the surroundings in your wedding decor and theme because Lonavala is recognised for its breathtaking natural setting. To create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere, add natural elements like flowers, vegetation, and water features. For your wedding photos, the undulating hills, gushing waterfalls, and tranquil lakes provide an absolutely stunning backdrop.

Be prepared for unexpected challenges

It can be stressful to arrange a destination wedding, so be ready for unforeseen difficulties and have a backup plan in case of any last-minute problems. To guarantee a hassle-free wedding experience, it’s critical to have a backup plan in place for everything from vendor cancellations to aircraft delays.

Enjoy the experience

Take the opportunity to visit Lonavala, which provides a stunning background for your destination wedding. Lonavala has a lot to offer you and your visitors, including exploring the neighbourhood attractions and enjoying the mouthwatering cuisine. Plan pre- and post-wedding activities like a group hike to a nearby waterfall or a trip to a nearby spa to make the most of your wedding trip. Keep in mind that being married in a stunning setting like Lonavala is an event that extends far beyond your wedding day. So take some time to enjoy yourself, unwind, and create lifelong memories.

destination wedding

Everything stated above is pretty much the gist of everything you need to know while planning a destination wedding in Lonavala. At Govinda Resort, we are here to help you with your dream wedding at budget friendly prices to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. 

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