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Unwind and explore picturesque Lakes in Lonavala

Embark on a serene journey through the captivating Lakes in Lonavala, setting the tone for tranquility amidst lush landscapes. The allure of these serene waters creates a picturesque escape, inviting you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Lonavala’s enchanting lakes and hill station near Pune.

Exploring the Beauty of Lakes in Lonavala

Embark on a rejuvenating journey through Lonavala’s scenic landscape, where the captivating allure of lakes in Lonavala and the iconic Lonavala Lake waterfall promises tranquil moments amidst picturesque charm. Immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of serene waters against lush landscapes.

Why should you visit lakes in Lonavala?

The enchanting lakes in Lonavala, including the iconic Lonavala Lake and its cascading waterfall, beckon with tranquility and scenic splendor. Whether drawn to these serene waters or exploring lakes near Lonavala and visiting tourist places in Lonavala, Each visit promises a peaceful retreat into nature’s embrace, leaving cherished memories of a serene getaway.

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Pawna Lake is the jewel of Lonavala

Unveil Pawna Lake’s breathtaking beauty, a jewel among Lonavala’s lakes, with serene waters and a picturesque backdrop, standing testament to nature’s allure like Lonavala Lake and its cascading waterfall.

Activities and Experiences

Experience diverse activities at Pawna Lake, a standout among Lakes in Lonavala, where boating on crystal-clear waters and lakeside unwinding surpass even the iconic allure of Lonavala Lake and its cascading waterfall.

Camping by Pawna Lake

Camp by Pawna Lake for a unique connection with nature, distinct from other lakes near Lonavala, creating lasting memories under the starlit sky and echoing the allure of Lonavala Lake with its cascading waterfall.

Why Pawna Lake Stands Out

Pawna Lake captivates among Lakes in Lonavala, blending natural splendor and recreational opportunities for a captivating destination amidst the iconic Lonavala Lake and tranquil lakes in Lonavala.

Tungarli Lake for a serene retreat

Explore the must-visit serene retreat of Tungarli Lake in Lonavala, surpassing the iconic allure of Lonavala Lake with its picturesque landscape and tranquil ambiance.

Tungarli Lake, among the Lakes in Lonavala, offers delightful boating, distinct from Lonavala Lake, with surrounding hills providing breathtaking panoramas for a sensory feast and memorable escape.

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Lonavala Lake for a Classic Retreat

Discover the timeless charm of Lonavala Lake, a classic among Lakes in Lonavala, with historical significance and the added allure of a cascading waterfall, creating a serene and iconic retreat.

Lonavala Lake, with its historical charm, distinguishes itself among Lakes in Lonavala, offering memorable leisure activities like boating and a perfect blend of history and relaxation amidst lush landscapes.

Bushi Dam near Khandala Lake is a must-visit option

Bhushi Dam, near Khandala Lake, stands out among the Lakes in Lonavala, offering a unique blend of lake beauty and cascading waterfalls, creating a captivating destination for visitors.

Best Times to Witness

For an optimal experience, visit Bhushi Dam during the monsoon and winter to witness cascading water and the backdrop of the lakes in Lonavala, creating a mesmerizing spectacle and a refreshing encounter with nature’s wonders.

Valvan Lake for a tranquil retreat

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Valvan Lake, a hidden gem among Lakes in Lonavala, provides a tranquil escape away from bustling crowds, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its unique charm and peaceful surroundings.

Peaceful Surroundings and Nearby Points of Interest

Valvan Lake, nestled in serene landscapes, offers a tranquil escape surrounded by nature’s beauty. Explore nearby points of interest, including the captivating Lonavala Lake waterfall, for a harmonious blend of tranquility and exploration.

Winter Magic of Lakeside Waterfalls

Experience Lonavala’s winter charm with the transformation of lakes and waterfalls. The cascading beauty of Lonavala Lake waterfalls becomes a breathtaking spectacle, creating an enchanting experience during this magical season.

Activities Around Lakes

Engage in a variety of activities around the lakes to make the most of your visit. Explore the winter magic with:

Water Sports

Descend the enchanting waterfalls surrounding Lonavala’s lakes, combining adventure with the beauty of nature. Feel the exhilaration as you rappel down the cascading falls, adding a thrill to your journey through the mesmerizing landscapes.


Glide through the serene waters, embracing the tranquil surroundings of Lonavala Lake. As you paddle gently, relish the rhythmic sound of water against your kayak, creating a soothing melody that harmonizes with the peaceful ambiance.


Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of lakes near Lonavala as you enjoy a tranquil boating experience. Let the gentle ripples beneath your boat carry you away into a world of calm, where each stroke of the oar becomes a poetic dance with the picturesque reflections surrounding you.

Indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities like waterfall rappelling and kayaking. Embrace tranquility with a serene boating experience on Lonavala Lake. These suggestions ensure your visit to the lakes is not just picturesque but also filled with thrilling adventures and moments of peaceful serenity.

Lakeside Dining and Refreshments

  • Pure Veg Restaurant with a delectable menu.
  • Well-appointed rooms and excellent facilities.
  • Private jacuzzi, rain dancing, and indoor/outdoor games.
  • Cycling track and go-karting for added recreation.

Tips for a Tranquil Lakeside Retreat

  • Scenic Spot Selection: Explore the serene beauty of Lakes in Lonavala, including the iconic Lonavala Lake and its captivating waterfall.
  • Weather Awareness: Check the weather for an optimal experience, especially during the monsoon when waterfalls, like Lonavala Lake waterfall, are at their peak.
  • Timely Visits: Plan visits during quieter times to enjoy the tranquil ambiance away from crowds.
  • Seasonal Adaptation: Adapt activities based on seasons, from boating in summer to witnessing waterfalls in winter.
  • Exploration Beyond: Consider exploring nearby lakes, like Pawna Lake, for a diverse lakeside experience.

Guidance on the best times to visit and ideal activities for different seasons.

Winter Retreat (November-February)

  • Cool temperatures and misty landscapes.
  • Ideal for trekking and scenic viewpoints.

Lush Monsoons (June-September)

  • Vibrant greenery and cascading waterfalls.
  • Perfect for nature walks and rainy season beauty.

Pleasant Spring and Autumn (March-May, October)

  • Mild weather for outdoor activities.
  • Enjoy boating, picnics, and seasonal flora.
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Lakes near Lonavala Beyond the Horizon

Discover the serene lakes near Lonavala, reaching beyond the horizon. From the clear waters of Pawna Lake to the reflective beauty of Tungarli Lake, these tranquil spots offer a peaceful retreat amid nature’s splendor.


Lonavala Lake offers scenic boat rides and tranquil lakeside walks. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy watersports at Pawna Lake or opt for trekking around Tungarli Lake, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.

Some of the famous Lakes in Lonavala are Pawna Lake, Tungarli Lake, Valvan Lake
Shirota Lake, and Lonavala Lake are known for their scenic beauty and recreational activities. Lakes in Lonavala, including Pawna, contribute to the region's allure and natural charm.

Lonavala boasts several lakes, and the region is home to some lakes in Lonavala. While exact figures may vary, the Lakes in Lonavala contribute to the scenic charm and recreational options for visitors exploring the area. Whether it's Lonavala Lake or others, the lakes enhance the natural beauty of Lonavala.
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